Wednesday, January 21

Dr. Red CCS WorkShop

Most of the searches for my website were for Dr. Red. Hence I thought I would write a blog about his workshop.

Dr. Red is an Internal medicine practicing doctor. He has a good knowledge about the CCS and the Step 3 exam question format. I personally feel that he has good teaching skills and good fund of clinical and medical Knowledge. He has clear voice and patiently answers all of your questions. About Archers CCS work shop,it is an one day interactive webinar held online. For dates and prices please look into his am in no way related to him. I am providing information as I attended his webinar and I am sharing my personal views for the benefit of others)


He starts with explaining the basic concepts about Emergency Room (ER), Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Floors and Office settings. It gives an over all view and then makes you familiar with the CCS software by ECFMG. This can be watched right on your screen. After the concepts are taught, each doctor gets a chance to practice one CCS case on the USMLE CCS software CD. Each one gets a different case scenario. This gives an opportunity to do a case under supervision. Also watching the other cases done by the fellow doctors help you to know common mistakes and also the way these cases are to be handled. Overall you get to see and practice upto 15 or more cases in a single day. I felt really comfortable with CCS cases after practicing in this work shop. This workshop can be done in one day , delivered to you right onto your laptop.


Too long sessions without breaks.You loose concentration after long lengthy hours. Somtimes webinar is interrupted due to technical ignorance by the fellow doctors.

Over all it is good. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quick start up and understanding of CCS cases.

Feel free to post comments and questions about the CCS workshop. You can also write in comments if you find any other workshop similar to it, better or good ones. After all the motive of this blog is to help fellow doctors to crack USMLE Step 3 in least expensive and quick way & not to promote review courses. Good luck ...Hope this review was helpful.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a very good review. I personally attended this workshop on Jan 11th. Like you mentioned, this workshop was an incredibly beneficial experience. I took my exam in jan last week and got 7 cases from those i practiced with Dr.Red. Dr.Red is an amazing guy, with great deal of patience and excellent knowledge...small correction, he is an internal medicine practicing doctor, not a resident.I have not heard any other workshop but i heard something new called dr.king which seems to be a replica of's workshop. You know how it is--- everyone wants to teach ccs once they know its a profitable business for them. However, be careful when you attend those new workshops because you may get wrong guidance which can help you to easily fail this exam :)
My advise would be to stay with good old, established ones. Dr.Red's is one such thing... which is affordable and also estyablished. So, there should really be no reason to switch unless one is curious to try new stuff that is also fraught with great deal of risk

Dr. said...

Thanks for the correction..I will update Dr. Red as Practicing doctor.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this wonderful suggestion. I am going for this ccs workshop

usmletimes said...

You are welcome..Good luck for your Step 3.