Thursday, October 28

Every Now and then

I am back again after a long break, I successfully got into Internal Medicine Residency. Congratulations to me and to all others who made it.  I finally got time to write a blog. It has been so relieving and fulfilling to join residency finally.    

The first thing I noticed was how relieving it is when you start your residency with your USMLE step 3 done. Most of the programs want the residents to do their step 3 by the end of the first year of residency . At the most in 18 months. Practicing medicine does help a lot to solve the CCS cases and also the MCQs which are part of residency training, but the amount of time you get to study during residency is hardly few hours a month. My suggestion get your step 3 out of your way before you start your PGY 1. Also IMGs who need a H1 Visa needs to complete step 3.

I recently went through USMLE Master the Boards Step 3 -By Dr. Conrad Fischer and Sonia Reichert. It is concise and easy to do quick review for the MCQs. I liked it better than Step 3 Crush. Any suggestions? Post on Comment section....

Also guys , I guess Dr. Red liked the USMLE3 title of my blog and took it in the .com domain before I could grab it. Anyways, I like that guy for making my life easier with my CCS preparation. I peeped into his website which had amazing question series and also the videos. I didn't check those videos , as they are paid ones. If anyone had a chance to view them give us a feed back. We certainly would like to pool all the better stuff for the Step 3 Prep.

Step 3 USMLE will be discussed in series of blogs each topic a day. Good luck to all the guys who are studying for Step 3 and Good luck for the Residency interviews and Residency.